CLOWN Server Is Up!

We’ve finally got a server we can call home. The ip is We also have a Team Speak channel so we can talk to each other as we play, and an email address for each member. I just need some time to figure it out! See you on the [CLOWN] Server.

This means we can also pick up recruiting. If you know of anyone who is interested, have them come play with us.

Public Accusations of Cheating

We’ve had an issue the past couple of days with a member of CLOWN publicly accusing a member of another clan of cheating. We cannot allow this to happen again.

In the future, if you suspect any player of cheating and wish to pursue it, please report it to me first. Of course, outside of CLOWN you can do as you wish, but any accusations submitted using the CLOWN name must come through me.


We are getting new members all the time — be sure to check the member page to see who’s new.

If you want to recruit anyone, just email me with a recommendation. Try to recruit people you know will be fun to play with. Remind them of our rules, especially the one about not complaining!