Medal of Honor: Revival Edition – Download

I hosted the file on my google drive account for faster download here: MOH:Revival Download
after you install this, download PakRadar and install it for auto-loading our custom maps and skins that we use in the CLOWN server!

info about this from website:
“Download a fully functional version of Medal of Honor: Allied Assault (including its expansions Spearhead and Breakthrough) with the latest community patches for free. Download the full game for PC now. Play single-player and multiplayer MOHAA, MOHSH, and MOHBT games for free!

Medal of Honor: Revival Edition comes with Allied Assault, Spearhead, Breakthrough, the in-game server browser patch written by the X-Null community, a desktop server browser utility, a widescreen custom resolution utility, file utilities, a mod manager, the latest official patches, the latest NO CD patches, and more! No discs or keys are required to play single-player or online. Revival Edition also includes patched server binaries to make hosting a server and having it show up in the new community supported master server extremely easy.

You cannot buy a functional version of Medal of Honor any more. As a result, in an attempt to keep the community alive and attract new players, Medal of Honor: Revival Edition is available to all for free and is a breeze to install and play on all modern operating systems. Double click on the installer, pick a directory to extract the files, and then double click on the desktop shortcuts to play. It’s that easy.”

It’s Back!!

The BIG TOP is back! Isn’t it perfect?

Ok so it isn’t really back. I was talking with some friends about my time as a clown and decided to check the old site out. It has long since gone away but the domain was available. I decided to bring it back just for fun. Hopefully there are other CLOWNS out there who enjoy seeing this back.


The CLOWN MOHAA and TS servers are being moved. I will announce the new IPs here as soon as I find out what they are.

You can try our scrim servers: and 114 is sniper only. We’ll take the password off of 115 ASAP.

Stay tuned.


The CLOWN-FEST competition was very close. The winner of this years FEST was [CLOWN]{Maj}mjrhoops(RB). Congrats hoops you win a prize of your choice from the CLOWN-STORE. In a close second place was Woody. Nice try to all that participated and try again next time. Next CLOWN-FEST will be held next spring so gear up for more fun and excitement on the CLOWN server.

New CLOWN Map Pack

[CLOWN]xViperx sent me a barrel of new maps, which I combined together into a CLOWN map pak, containing 36 objective and death match maps, and a touch of CLOWNiness. [CLOWN]Panz finished the CLOWN Warfare map, and [CLOWN]Phantom completed his CLOWN Tent bash arena. They’re all available on the Downloads page — download them now!

Next weekend, we’ll have a map-fest, when we can play and vote on the new maps.