It’s Back!!

The BIG TOP is back! Isn’t it perfect?

Ok so it isn’t really back. I was talking with some friends about my time as a clown and decided to check the old site out. It has long since gone away but the domain was available. I decided to bring it back just for fun. Hopefully there are other CLOWNS out there who enjoy seeing this back.


The CLOWN MOHAA and TS servers are being moved. I will announce the new IPs here as soon as I find out what they are.

You can try our scrim servers: and 114 is sniper only. We’ll take the password off of 115 ASAP.

Stay tuned.


The CLOWN-FEST competition was very close. The winner of this years FEST was [CLOWN]{Maj}mjrhoops(RB). Congrats hoops you win a prize of your choice from the CLOWN-STORE. In a close second place was Woody. Nice try to all that participated and try again next time. Next CLOWN-FEST will be held next spring so gear up for more fun and excitement on the CLOWN server.

New CLOWN Map Pack

[CLOWN]xViperx sent me a barrel of new maps, which I combined together into a CLOWN map pak, containing 36 objective and death match maps, and a touch of CLOWNiness. [CLOWN]Panz finished the CLOWN Warfare map, and [CLOWN]Phantom completed his CLOWN Tent bash arena. They’re all available on the Downloads page — download them now!

Next weekend, we’ll have a map-fest, when we can play and vote on the new maps.