Attention New Members!

We’ve been recruiting a lot more CLOWNs since we got the new server, and I’m having a hard time keeping up with the member page.

If you’re a new member, please send me an email with your CLOWN name, a clown picture (a URL will do), and the info you want to appear on the member page for you. If you’re not on the member page in a few days, email me again and holler. 🙂

We will be assigning emails to CLOWNs that want one. Ewell is helping me out with getting that working.

New CLOWN Skins!

We have new Ronald McDonald and Hobo skins. Check them out on the skins and screenshot pages.

Just download them into your MOHAA/main/ directory. They’ll work without forcing skins on the CLOWN, TIME, and Infidel servers. One of these days, we ought to have a parade down Crossroads Street, with our friends from other clans watching out the windows!

CLOWN Server Is Up!

We’ve finally got a server we can call home. The ip is We also have a Team Speak channel so we can talk to each other as we play, and an email address for each member. I just need some time to figure it out! See you on the [CLOWN] Server.

This means we can also pick up recruiting. If you know of anyone who is interested, have them come play with us.