CLOWN Server Down

CLOWNs and friends of CLOWNs, I got an email today from cpunetworks, our server host, saying that they would no longer be hosting our server. Matt at cpunetworks said he would email me our new IP, but I haven’t yet heard from him.

I will post the IP of the new CLOWN server as soon as I find out what it is. I’m hoping that we can be up and running again in a day or two.

Server Donations Again

The [CLOWN] server lease ends in 10 days (March 22), so it would be nice if CLOWNs or friends of the CLOWNs could help us pay for it. Our server costs are about $750 per year; and I pay for 6 months at a time. Currently, we’re about $125 short of our goal for the next 6 months.

You can donate to the server with a credit card or from your PayPal account using the Server Donation button on the left. The Paypal service, a division of E-Bay, requires you to register before making a payment.

No donation is too small. Member donations are completely optional — only give if you can afford it. I’ll email CLOWN members my home address if you prefer to pay by check. Thanks to all who have donated so far.

CLOWN Server Moving

The [CLOWN] server has disappeared. Apparently it is being moved, and the IP will be changing. Check back here — I’ll post the IP as soon as I find out what it is.

The TeamSpeak IP is now Pass it on. Meet there to find out where the CLOWNs are playing until we get our server back.

New Stuff

Well, I finally got around to updating the members page. If you are not on the page and want to be, just send me a clown picture (or URL to one) and I’ll make you a skin. If you are on the members page, but don’t have a profile yet, send me a sentence or two to add as your member information.

I’ve also updated the links and shortcuts pages, too. The links page now contains the links for the CLOWN starter pack — our maps, skins, and so forth. They are all in pk3 format, so you no longer need to do any unzipping.

Next on my list is to revisit ranks and squads. Soon, I hope, but I’d rather be playing of course.

New Members

Welcome to new members [CLOWN]Rotting Black Death, [CLOWN]RubberDucky, [CLOWN]Enderson, [CLOWN]Cobr@, and [CLOWN]The Milk Man. Download the new member skin expansion pack, which now includes skins for [CLOWN]RubberDucky and [CLOWN]Enderson. [CLOWN]The Milk Man may get dibs on the cow skin!