[-Nek-] Gen. Ewell and JAR have made some MOHAA skins.
It sure is a hoot to see a troop of armed CLOWNs running down
the street. Just right-click the links and save the pk3 files in your MOHAA
/main/ directory.Go to the Downloads page to download all the clown skins. To install skins, just save the pk3 files in your MOHAA
/main/ directory. Click here if you need detailed download instructions.

Allied Bozo
Axis Clown Sheriff
Allied Clown Manon
Axis Mime
Axis Harlequin
Allied Ronald
Allied Hobo
Allied Chimp
Ewell’s Skins
Allied Vampire and
Axis Vampire Hunter
Member Skins
[CLOWN] Member Skins
Version 3
This updated pk3 contains a two skins for each of the 30+ members of [CLOWN]. The pack contains both allied and axis skins,
and has a total of 250 skins in it, but is under 2 meg. Delete your old versions.
The Three Stooges
Use these skins if you want to slap you opponents around or poke them in the eyes. (Wooh-wooh-wooh sound mod not included.)
The CLOWN squad member skins pack
This pk3 contains all the member faces
with the chimp, hobo, harlequin, mime, Ronald McDonald, and sheriff outfits (over 600 skins!)….And it now includes Bush and Kerry skins in all the different outfits!